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There's no place like Cavendish Bayou. That's one the one and only line I remember from the music video that I dreamt of this night, and to which I was crying my eyes in my dreams and when I woke up.

All in all, it was a VERY weird night. I've dreamt of many things, but the most interesting bit is about the song, and accompanying music video.

Long story short, the sequence leading to the main point started with me, in my real crocodile form, entering a ward in some hospital. Having entered one room with several vacant beds, I set my sight on the one right in front of me. It started growing grass, shurbs, and instantly became surrounded by water effectively turning into a bayou, a favourite hang out space of crocodilians.

Then, I had a bird's view on the whole scene, with myself swimming in the water, and then the song started. There were lyrics visible on the side (like freaking YT!), but the words sung by the voice were slightly different. Except for the chrous, where the one and only line that I can recall comes from - There's No Place Like Cavendish Bayou.

Then it all ended, and somehow all the beds got taken by patients. It made me cry for some reason, because I knew that I'll never be back there, in Cavendish Bayou.

I watched the video two more times, having opened a book that had been handed to me by something. The song itself was kind of melancholic, but not sad. It had a vibe in the type of something being close at hand, but still impossible to reach.

I woke up crying my eyes out, coughing and literally unable to contain myself out of grief.

Before the sequence leading to the music video, I had found myself in a forest with some other unidentified people. I knew they're friendly though, felt their warmth from a distance. But they left, and I wandered off into the dark woods. While there wasn't anything scary, I felt awfully endangered, as if I were being watched by something. Yet, I did not let that thought paralyse me, I felt the crocodile giving me strenght and courage. I turned back after a while, and somehow ended up looking for a supermarket at a restricted airport zone. Upon having failed to find it, some kind man directed me in the right place. And after something something something, I found myself in the ward.

I have woken up crying only one other time in my life. It was in my childhood years, and back then I was regularly pestered by some grim figure in my dreams. It never really caught me, but it was there, lurking and laughing sinisterly, getting louder and louder...


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